Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back!

Hey guys! Sorry for the absence. I was too lazy too update this blog! lol

Actually, the storm took down my net for almost a week after my last post.

When it returned, I was too lazy to continue posting so I took a small "vacation".

Anyway, I'll be posting again from now on.

I have a lot of awesome documentary videos to show to everyone!


Rezden said...

Welcome back. Was wondering where you disappeared too. :)

ATM Withdrawal said...

We've all been there!

Tal Zahn said...

No trouble Naj! Missed your posts and recommended videos. Glad you came back, you're one of my favorite blogs for being so informative! :)

The Blind Prophet said...

Welcome back! :)

gauss said...


Patti said...

Hi there. :) I found your blog on the Out Campaign husband and I love watching the kind of videos you post, so I'm looking forward to keeping up with what you're sharing!

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